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L'Oréal Paris
Post-Mask Purifier
Product Design

An energising skin mask that helps heal the damaging effects of protective face masks.

The Post-Mask Purifier was presented to L'Oréal and has since been involved 

within various rounds of consumer and comparative testing.  


Protective face masks have become an everyday essential during the coronavirus outbreak. However, due to how long and

how fitted people are wearing their masks,

"maskne" is becoming a very real skin issue.

LOreal-Emblem white.png
new face mask.png

Introducing the POST- MASK PURIFIER by L'Oréal,

the first rejuvenating skin mask of its kind specially designed to target the lower half of the face.

L'Oreal Mask Packet 1.png

The mask is enriched with natural exfoliators to help cleanse and unclog pores, giving skin the care it 

needs and face mask wearers peace of mind.

To launch the mask, we will hand them out to frontline workers.

From doctors & nurses to teachers and transport workers,

we want to protect the nation against a pore pandemic.

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