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Made With Care
360 Campaign

For their 2021/2022 global campaign, Nespresso wanted to showcase the care and craftsmanship that goes into growing and selecting each and every bean as part of their Master Origin and Reviving Origins range.


By conveying real stories as told by real coffee farmers, we were able to highlight the ways in which the brand

is striving to help educate locals on sustainable farming practices and how to use traditional methods

in order to produce the finest and most unique tasting coffees the world might've otherwise lost.

Costa Rica 2 .jpeg
Zimbabwe 1.jpeg
Uganda 1.jpeg
Nicaragua 2.jpeg

Master Origin – Nicaragua

Master Origin – Costa Rica

Reviving Origins – Zimbabwe

Reviving Origins – Uganda

MWC Print copy.jpg

We created social expanding on the stories from our coffee farmers and

how Nespresso's involvement has helped benefit local communities.

Nicaragua post.png
Costa Rica post.png
Zimbabwe post.png
Uganda post.png

To launch the campaign, we asked longstanding brand ambassador George Clooney, together with other partners of the brand, ‘What is care?’ and how exactly it is captured within every cup of sustainably sourced Nespresso coffee.

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